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Recovering PUA ("Pick Up Artist") - N. A person who, after studying mass-marketed 'Pick Up Techniques' and putting them into practise, discovers that he is not any happier, nor self-satisfied, nor socially-calibrated than he was before - only now he cannot communicate with people except in 'PUA jargon', and has alienated all his non-PUAfriends.
"Have you noticed the change in Larry? I'm not embarrassed to be seem with him anymore!"

"Yeah, he's a Recovering Pick Up Artist; he's got it mostly under control now. If he starts ignoring us to hit on every girl around, or if he starts dehumanizing women, we're supposed to call his Sponsor."
by Johnny Soporno May 03, 2008
A 'step up' from the 'Alpha Male', which nearly invariably is assigned not to a free and independent man, but rather a cocky and arrogant, "bossy"-type - the Aloha Male is at peace holistically with his universe.

His is a transcendent state, requiring to hierarchy, and in which the concepts of 'alpha male' and 'beta male' etc. have no bearing; since anyone who attains this degree of primal harmonious independence has neither compulsion to lead, nor follow, nor compete - no sensation of having anything left to prove, either to other people, or to himself.

He has 'arrived', and remains, happy and self-satisfied. The epitome of successfulness.
"Have you ever noticed how James Bond literally NEVER needs to give orders, pull rank, or beg favours? Everyone who meets him appreciates and respects him, because he is so obviously at peace with himself, even while doing battle! What an Aloha male!"
by Johnny Soporno November 27, 2011
Dipilitante is a noun, generally a feminine term, assigned to a friend or lover who helps to remove unwanted body hair. (see 'Manscaping'; "Mow the Lawn")

(A quasi-portmanteau, dipilitante was constructed by conflating "dilettante" and "depilitant".)
Man: "I'm heading to Hawaii for a holiday, so I've been working out quite a bit so I look buff in my Speedo...."

Woman: "I think I'd better play dipilitante, in that case, and shear some of that fur off your back & shoulders!"
by Johnny Soporno February 24, 2012
Noun; The person on whom one blames their inability to attend to something they really didn't want to anyway.
I explained to Jenny that I couldn't make it to her jazz ensemble's rehearsal because Kevin was stranded at the airport and needed rescuing. He was the perfect escapegoat, since Jenny knows how broke he always is.
by Johnny Soporno February 05, 2006
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