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Ghetto word for a 40 ounce bottle of beer. Ex. Haffenreffer, Sterling or Colt .45. Easy to get busted up on 3 fawtys.
"Nigger done slashed me with a busted fawty." "Tyrone gone and drank a bunch o' fawtys, then busted up his bitch." "She gonna look a whole lot better when I pop dees fawtys in my belly." "Poppa done bashed up Mama afta he shot 5 fawtys." "Quit axin me how many fawtys I drank."
by Johnny Rotten Pants October 28, 2008
Medical term for a pool cue sized fecal ball that causes an inordinate amount of methane to build up behind it. When the pressure becomes too great, the fecal ball is shot out the anus at a high rate of speed. Falls under the category of "Explosive Bowel Movements".
"My god, Pedro hasn't crapped in weeks, then, outta no where, "BANG"!!! He craps so hard, he busted the toilet tank with an Impacted Fecal Hamshot".
by Johnny Rotten Pants January 27, 2010

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