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A place where the new segregation is practiced covertly, and with a touch of class. Done with developers creating gated communities, zoning laws and building restrictions. City councils and police taking a real aggresive attitude on DWB (driving while black) etc.

These actions tend to "whiten up" the place
Buffy the bleached blonde cheerleader lived in a clorox community. Her boyfriend Jason's father was a mortgage banker. Her house was a 4,500 square foot, white colonial. She drove a new Red Jeep Wrangler to school.
by Johnny Roket April 21, 2006
A piece of ass ---60's Ghetto slang ---often used with the Noun hammer} as an adjective phrase Sometimes only the word shot is used
1. Hey Tyrone, I'm goin to my crib to get a shot o leg from my hammer.

2. I'm goin to get a shot from my hammer Ruby
by Johnny Roket April 20, 2006

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