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A small town located in north-eastern New Jersey, where everybody knows each other, and everyone grows up together. The town is separated into four different sections based on the closest elementary school, these being Laning, Forest, Brookdale, and F.N.Brown. Eventually after years of kickball, field days, and pizza lunches everybody moves up to middle school, called H.B.W. It stands for Henry B. Whitehorne, and nobody really knows what the "B" stands for. This is were everybody gets real friends, and actually start to mature. Next step, Verona High School. VHS is packed with school spirit, where you can always find somebody wearing something to go with the Hillbillies, or Verona. All the high schoolers, or at least a lot of them gather at the football games to cheer on the bleachers, seniors at the top, to freshmen at the bottom. Here everyone goes all out, to wearing a hillbilly costume, or painting there stomachs, their is always a good chance somebody will lose their voice at a Friday night game. Thanksgiving games are usually one of the most nerve-racking games of the year, excluding playoffs, where everyone in town, which is hardly anybody, comes out to watch the game played against the neighboring and rival town Cedar Grove. Even though Cedar Grove and Verona are truly rivals, in sports that is, the two towns should probably be combined, due to the fact everyone knowns everyone and everybody hangs out together on weekends. While football is the most popular sport in VHS, Verona Cross Country and Track Team are amazing, breaking records every year, and having some of the best members in the state. Band is deff. the other major thing to do, and if you don't do either your just screwed up. Memorial Day Weekend, one of the most anticipated weeks of the year, is the most crazy. Either partying in somebody's basement, or at Point Pleasant, Belmar, Seaside everyone is sure to have a good, crazy, and probably drunk time. Every other night you can find somebody at the Willowbrook Mall, walking the streets aimlessly, sitting around, or eating up at the Pilgrim Diner, the best diner around. Here, you can get your cheese or gravy fries, or famous disco fries and slurp a delicious black and white shake. Summer, the best time of year. You can hang out with friends at the Verona Community Pool, which is for sure the nicest pool around, which is ten times better than Cedar Groves pool. Consisting of a tennis court, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a snack bar, two actually big water slides, two low diving boards, and one high dive, which all the little kids try to sneak on to. Or during the summer you go dts, primarily to you or your friends shore house at Long Beach Island or Belmar. Graduations from high school are tear-filled and heart-felt, but exciting at the same time. Pictures are taken, caps are thrown, beachballs fly around above the class, and blow horns are heard, and later that night the never ending sound of honking fills the streets. Later that night the seniors attend "Project Graduation", something they have each year, in which they have been raising money for the whole year, including the ever popular high school carnival. Being a senior is the high point in your high school career. Your preparing for college, your classes are a bunch of jokes, you write on the driveway, while praying not to be caught by the cops even though you kind-of want to be, banquets occur every other night, and you pick on the new freshmen who try to be cool. Verona, a town the lives off drama and football, a is extremely close knit, but nobody who lives here would want it any other way.
Verona Hillbillies Football Team just won state! ... AGAIN!
by Johnny Potatohead June 18, 2008
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