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A man doing the duty of jerking off, ripping cord, shaking hands with the sheriff, etc.
My woman was out of town, so I went in the bathroom and began "Snapping Twig" as a substitue!!!
by Johnny Pizza March 21, 2011
It was when you eat too much Chinese food and can barely make it to the bathroom and your ass explodes with sweet and sour colored diarrhea!!! It's a mess!!!
As soon as I finished my third plate of Chinese food at the buffet, I did a Carl Lewis to the bathroom and released a skittle shower all over the toilet!!!
by Johnny Pizza March 21, 2011
A butt ugly woman with one eye that is the epitome of a cunt.
Look at that ugly, thoughtless bitch. That there is a true "Cunt Cyclops"!!!
by Johnny Pizza March 21, 2011
When you wake up before she does with a hard on and you jerk off on her face. Then, when she wakes up, her eyes are glued shut.
I wanted to get some pussy but she wasn't awake. So, I went ahead and ripped cord on her face, ultimately giving her a "Glazed Donut"!!!
by Johnny Pizza March 21, 2011
Plowing some dirty butt cheeks!!!
After my girlfriend was done eating a bowl chili, I bent her over and went "Eskimo Digging"!!!
by Johnny Pizza March 21, 2011

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