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the act of female ejaculation
When Erik ate out Britney she ejillulated all ove his face.
by Johnny O August 26, 2004
to be drunk, hammered, or intoxicated
Tim went to Huskies and got mad fizznated
by Johnny O March 28, 2004
the act of putting one's whole fist inside the rectum of a woman
This mad grimy chick asked Pat to give her the devastator, but he says his fist was far too big for her small anus.
by Johnny O April 06, 2004
when a man receives oral sex when he is operating a motor vehicle; to get head while driving
Murph paid a stripper $100 to give him brain in the whip on the way home from the club.
by Johnny O April 07, 2004
sox fans...allu you hafta say is this...hey how bout them Jets/giants?

go pats
Jorge Posada is a little bitch.
by Johnny O August 24, 2004
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