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When you fantasize while masturbating then someone appears in your fantasy unintentionally, in most cases someone who should not be there.
"I was cleaning the rifle then all the sudden out of nowhere your wife makes a pop in" "A pop-in? What the fuck? Get her out of there " "I tried she wouldn't leave , it wasn't my intention i can't control who pops-in"
by Johnny Martinez March 01, 2005
Etymology greek for Tanya. One who is small of wit. Deragatory term for a greek person named tanya who has bangs and wears a pacific trail jacket.
Yo i was chillin and then snootch87 came around so i had to leave.
by Johnny Martinez December 17, 2004
The quality of having the characteristics of a pussy and that of a faggot. Usually one timid who will not dare to do anything risky and posses homosexual features such as bieng named Tod, Rod, Mike (with an accent on a vowel), Johnie, Wade, Dustin, Gabe etc.
"You know that kid Tod, wow he's such a pussy faggot"
by Johnny Martinez March 02, 2005
Fresh Out the Closet

I invented it not Tanya(snootch87)
Yo i heard Gabe is out the closet, what a fOC
by Johnny Martinez March 06, 2005

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