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2 definitions by Johnny Malvado

City in Southern Ontario, known for it's high ratio of Crime to Population. This is largely due to a lack of employment, restless youth, crack addiction, and a lazy police force.

It holds (or at one time held) the record for Car Theft Capital of Canada (per capita, after the prarie provinces cracked down on their rampant car jackings), Highest Teen Pregnancy rate in Ontario, Highest crime rate in Canada per capita, and "Best blooming city" for it's flower displays (in which you can often find old burned spoons and needles)
I live in Brantford, and I'm a degenerate hoodlum myself
by Johnny Malvado March 17, 2011
Love, Loyalty, Honor, Respect

Some people think the LL means "Live, Learn", but they are both wrong and stupid
Many 1%er bikers, especially the Big Red Machine, use this abbreviation "LLHR" or "LLH&R"
by Johnny Malvado March 17, 2011