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(Verb) to clean one's cluttered house, crib, car, etc. by piling and hiding clutter in closets, under beds or in car trunks so as not to appear messy.
Hey man, I just opened your baffroom cabinet lookin' fo some ass wipes and all yo copies of Black Tail magazine fell on de flo. Wha chu do, just nigga clean yo house?
by Johnny Kool Mild 1 December 29, 2008
(Verb) when someone comes to visit and parks their car alone at the end of the driveway so they can leave quickly, effectively blocking the entire driveway.
Shit man, why you hafta go and nigga park yo piece-a-shit hoopty? My bro's comin' over later and don' need to park in da street.
by Johnny Kool Mild 1 December 29, 2008
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