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Having good, rowdy sex. Refers to the sound made by bootymeat slapping on your lap.
"I had to kill dat bitch cause she was slappin' skins wit all da homies."

"Man, me and dis ho was slappin' skins all mothafuckin' night!"
by Johnny Insane July 06, 2008
The name of a fictional person characterized by bad odor caused from not using deodorant or a general lack of personal hygiene. Can be used to refer to a stranger who smells bad.
"Sheeit, I took a showa this mornin'. I ain't no Deodorante Stankavius!"

"Did y'all niggas smell dat funky-ass Deodorante Stankavius at da MARTA stop?"
by Johnny Insane July 06, 2008
When you and a white male friend have sex with the same girl at the same time. As you are fucking her and she is giving him head, you reach across her and give him a high five signaling that it's his turn to fuck her. It's like when a wrestler tags his partner into the ring during a tag-team match.
" I can't believe dat dirty bitch asked me to join in wit dem! I ain't down fo no high five a white guy."
by Johnny Insane July 06, 2008
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