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Jersey speak for 'girl'.
Hey, she's one hot goil!
by Johnny Garfield November 07, 2005
A shortned form of "anyway"
NEWay, how have you been?
by Johnny Garfield August 30, 2004
Short-form of the computer term, avatar.
Hey, I just uploaded my new avvy onto the message boards!
by Johnny Garfield September 11, 2007
Japanese for fish.
Oh, that's a cute little sakana!
by Johnny Garfield February 18, 2004
Alternate version of the word 'with'.
I'm happy to be wid you!
by Johnny Garfield April 06, 2004
Anything from real life transferred to anime
It's such a great big animeted world- enjoy it!
by Johnny Garfield April 14, 2006
A portmanteau of the two most popular anime out there, Naruto and One Piece.
Hey, maybe they should put Naruto and Luffy together- for Narupiece!
by Johnny Garfield January 11, 2007

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