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former front man of The Smashing Pumpkins


former front man of Zwan


wrote a poetry book called blinking with fists


just came out with The Future Embrace
a solo project

and is trying to get the pumpkins back togther yay!...
Boy "You know that bald, pale, whiney, screeching voiced guy?"

Man "Billy Corgan?"

Boy "yeah"

Man "what about him?"

Boy "he kicks major nutz"

Man "ah hah hah he sure does son...he sure does..."
by Johnny Dearest July 27, 2005
Author of Lenore and other such books. Good sense of humor but no where close to Jhonen Vasquez by the way they are friends so it's all good.
Zeptar-"Lenore is a great comic book with cool animation but isn't as great as Johnny the Homocidal Maniac"

Johnny Dearest-"true dat"
by Johnny Dearest July 28, 2005
Billy Corgan's new solo album's name...Billy Corgan was a former member of both The Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan
"I saw Billy Corgan at the Fillmore in San Fransisco...it was wonderful!"
by Johnny Dearest July 27, 2005
A monkey and/or black person.
"yesterday, when in Africa, a tribe of jungle babies offered me a KFC snacker and some delicious watermelon"
by Johnny Dearest July 25, 2005
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