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Green Poo (n) or Green Shit

1. The type of shit you do after a very heavy night out on the town. Can be a light brown to other stronger shades of green.

2. The type of shit that accompanies a night of drinking Rolling Rock.
Hey man, look at my shit! Green poo! Check that shit out! It's like a fucking Republic of Ireland football jersey!
by Johnny Cunt Dodger October 19, 2006
Intestinal Tourist - A person who engages in anal sex.
Big Gay Rob and Gay Little John were intestinal tourists.
by Johnny Cunt Dodger October 19, 2006
To Drop one's load - means to take a mighty shit.
Jake: Man George, I had to go so badly that I dropped my load on a park bench.
by Johnny Cunt Dodger October 19, 2006
Nurple (n) - A crazy mod for Red Alert 1 that was simply insane. Means bizarre or queer goings-on.

As previously said, purple needs a god damn rhyme.
Tom died from the seizure that afflicted him after he installed the nurple mod for Red Alert.
by Johnny Cunt Dodger October 19, 2006
Dick Bag or DickBag.

A big bag of throbbing penes. Offensive term.
Patrick is one of the biggest dick bags that I have ever met.
by Johnny Cunt Dodger October 25, 2006
(Origin French) A miller. 'De Moulin,' from the mill. Believed to be a Norman name.

A nickname.
Mullins attacked the little orphans who were waiting for adoption papers.
by Johnny Cunt Dodger October 22, 2006

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