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A group of software engineers who derive sexual satisfaction from releasing such open asshole pieces of software as AOL, Windows ME, and soulseek
I heard Steve Case, the sadistic president of AOL, ejeculated in his shorts after seeing their tech support call logs.
by Johnny Christmas October 12, 2003
A person, usually woman, who is known for having an assload of sex, all the time.
"Chris' sister is a real walking sperm bank. I'm gonna call her and see if I can make a deposit. I wonder if there's a penalty for early withdrawals."
by Johnny Christmas November 30, 2003
The worst of the worst; the very bottom of the barrel.
"AOL is the big, stinky open asshole of the ISP world."
by Johnny Christmas September 17, 2003
An individual who derives enjoyment from frustrating others, especially by pretending he does not understand something they are trying to explain
"If that fart sock Larry says 'What do you mean?' one more time, I'm gonna beat him with the wrong end of a claw hammer."
by Johnny Christmas October 08, 2003
l33t speak for something that is really diappointing, especially if it used to be entertaining until an event occurred to change it.
"Everyone who used to run radmin on port 4899 now has it all password protected, so I can't get in. That's sooooo g31gh"
by Johnny Christmas January 26, 2004

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