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To hump someone as hard as you possibly can.
Mate, I thunder pumped that girl all night long!
by Johnny Bad May 25, 2008
To go so deep in a girls muff you poke the fallopian. Often associated with a black man’s huge nob entering a girl’s cock wallet.
Mate, I took that girl home last night and gave her the old FP (Fallopian Pump)
by Johnny Bad May 25, 2008
The Sloppy Jerusalem is the sociopath of the fetish world, it can't be described in any precise way. Although the Sloppy Jerusalem is hard to define, when you are receiving or giving it you will know afterwards that you had participated in a Sloppy Jerusalem. Throughout history their has been only one specific example of a Sloppy Jerusalem documented and verified to actually be a Sloppy Jerusalem.
A man I know only wares underwear made from 100 percent mercerised Egyptian cotton. One day whilst walking down the street he got a hard on for no particular reason and due to the sensual feeling of the underwear, he blew his beans whilst on the high street.

This is a Sloppy Jerusalem!
by Johnny bad October 19, 2013

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