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TKY is more than just an essence. In many ways it is the essence of life. There are some who live by the TKY, and some who don’t.

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’re down and out, when the pressure keeps rising, when the assignments keep coming… that feeling of pure despair? TKY is the opposite of all that, TKY is the feeling you get when the end of day bell rings.

Perhaps the strongest feeling of TKY is present in our hearts straight after the onslaught of an unexpected “DOM” chant, which bellows down the corridor. TKY is the essence by which we live, work, and play.

One cannot fully grasp the concept of TKY without experiencing a game of lunchtime soccer on the Shawshank Pitch. The dedication, desperation, passion and devotion with which we play lunchtime soccer is true testament to the TKY.
Launching a soccerball into the Year 7 windows and not breaking the glass 8/10 times... Now that's TKY.

Ripping Mark's 'feziche' out behind Moses' back when he tells us to stop playing soccer... Now that's TKY.

Delivering a fatal ball to O'Conner during Soccer Squares... Now that's TKY.

Playing the High Frequency Sound in teacher's ears and them not hearing anything at all... That's TKY.
by Johnny BABZ August 03, 2006
Is closely related to 'DIXCORE'

DIX represents the feeling that comes over one when he is inadvertantly placed out of his prefered environment, OR, something unluckily bad happens to him/her.

The verbular form of "DIX to you" is "you got dicked"
"haha dix to you kunt!"

"oohhh that's dix!"

"suck shit wanker, you got dicked!"
by Johnny BABZ August 14, 2006

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