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Man The Fuck Up!

An exclamation of disgust aimed at an individual who is incredibly weak willed and looks like they are going to either blub or piss their pants!
Oi fairy, have another pint and MTFU!
by Johnny 2 Sheds! May 29, 2009
Pulling your cock in a furious manner while locked in your bedroom after telling your parents that you have gone upstairs to 'watch Star Trek'!
"I am just off to bed mum as Star Trek is coming on and you want to watch Grey's Anatomy. Tonight it is my favourite episode when the Star Ship Enterprise is Taking Captain Pickard to Warp Speed 5!"

"It's alright son, you can just say your having a wank!"
by Johnny 2 Sheds! May 28, 2009
A derogatory comment aimed at an individual who has no social skills whatsoever and is generally perceived to be lower than a snake's belly.
Oi, don't drop your crap in the street you pump weasel!
by Johnny 2 Sheds! May 28, 2009

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