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A person who is on a squad who cheers a team on. Usually associated with football or basketball.

Those associated with cheerleading will lead you to believe it's a sport, and although it gets time on ESPN (for what reason I have no idea) it's about as much as sport as bowling is, which also gets time on ESPN....go figure. At least I'll watch bowling on TV.

The squads are generally populated with:

1. Vapid, airheaded girls who seem to be catty with each other, and VERY eager to be with the jocks. The rules state that the quarterback gets first choice.

2. Guys who either tried out for the actual squad and got cut, or were just plain afraid of contact. Or gay. Either one.
I'm on the football team, so I get first dibs on the cheerleaders. That's if the quarterback doesn't sleep with all of 'em first.

There's a cheerleading competition on ESPN, but it's opposite two football games and 3 baseball games. With all that on, who's gonna watch it??

When they start handing out medals for bowling and bass fishing, I'll call cheerleading a sport.
by Johnboy Jackson September 25, 2004
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