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Canadian city, north of Toronto.

The only significant thing to note is its high Asian population.
Driver: What?! How did we get in China?
Passenger: We're not in China...it's called Markham.
by Johnathon Matthews March 18, 2011
An extension of the word lolololololololol. Basically meaning the same thing but takes longer to type.
John: Hey! I went to your mom's house yesterday.
Matt: Why?
John: I was bored
Matt: What did you do there?
John: I was laughing a lot, to the point my stomach was hurting.
Matt: How many lols would that be exactly?
John: About 9 or so.
Matt: Can you show me how that would look?
John: Sure, I believe it is along the lines of lololololololololol.
Matt: Thank you Johnathan.
John: You're most certainly welcome Matthew.
by Johnathon Matthews April 20, 2008
Someone who trolls the internet denouncing religion because he viewed a few videos on Youtube about evolution and religion. Typically 13-18 years old.
Youtube atheist: you're all retard for believing in god!! evolution disproved god!! LOL
Regular atheist: Evolution says nothing about God. Must be a youtube atheist.
by Johnathon Matthews December 01, 2012
1) A term commonly used to classify those who discriminate against people who spell incorrectly.

2) Someone who loves to spell things correctly.

3) A term you could use to confuse your teacher or employer.

4) A member of the Spellic religion, where spellism is very popular.

5) Something that randomly came up in a msn conversation, but is now being submitted to urbandictionary.
1) Wow I lost 10 marks for incorrect spelling and grammer. Mr. Stevantha is so Spellist!

2) I am such a spellist when it comes to essays.

3) Excuse me Miss, you are the biggest spellist in the world!

4) No, I am a spellist. I am a strong believer in spellism.

5) So you must be an anti-spellist then, because you don't know how to spell.
by Johnathon Matthews January 13, 2008
n. Typically a heterosexual female. One who is sexually attracted only, or often, to gay men. Also attracted to men who turn out to be homosexual.
Example #1
Allison: Dayum, I'd like a piece of Darren ;)

Harold: You're such a blatant homosexualsexual - Darren is gay!

Example #2
Girl: Every man I have ever loved has turned out to be a closet gay....I think I'm a homosexualsexual.

Boy: That you are anonymous female. That you are.
by Johnathon Matthews April 03, 2011
Used by males to justify the single song they truly like, however, is a song that is typically listened by females. You may only have one.
Tim: Cool, "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson is on!

Steve: What the hell?

Tim: Fuck off. It's my fag song.
by Johnathon Matthews July 19, 2009
How an idiot spells genre.
Example #1:

Jonas Brothers Fan: OMG I luvz da JBros. There my fav' of the rock gerne!
Person with brain: What? Firstly, it's "genre". Secondly, that's not even close to rock. Idiot.

Example #2:
Idiot: Twlight it tha best of the Youg Adult Gerne! She r such an intelligant arthur!
Smart: hahahahahaha. Leave. Just leave.
by Johnathon Matthews June 02, 2009
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