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Cigarillos are cheap cigars, about 59 cents a piece. Most people use them for stuffing other substances, normally marijuana, into forming a tight, fat blunt.
"We stuffed 5 grams into a cigarillo rather then rolling a blunt."

"Hey man, go pick up a cigarillo, and Ill stuff a blunt."
by Johnald March 22, 2006
When a chick sits on your lap, crushing your nuts, while you roll 6 deep in a buick for an hour smoking pot.
Last night, Liz was sack riding bad.
by Johnald November 15, 2005
1.One who quotes "Death to Smoochy"
2.One who impersonates Cusin It
3.one who can beat sonic in under 3 hours with all the crystals
4.One who can make a goat noise in a play about Indians
1. Dude, you quoted that like a 5P4220R elite.

2. That Cusin It was done by a pro 5P4220R

3. You owned that game like a 5P4220R.

4. We had a 5P4220R fly in to do a goat noise for a play.
by Johnald July 05, 2004
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