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Infamous forum troll, specifically residing on the myg0t forums. He takes pride in being the only forum user with a negative Reputation Rating.

DOCPHIL is rumored to have a $30,000 security system which was installed to protect his house from being robbed by black men. Pictures of it were released by DOCPHIL himself, which revealed it to be only a few hi-tech looking boxes.

DOCPHIL is also suspected of being a part of the Freemason society. He joined the cult circa 2006 in order to achieve religious superiority.
DOCPHIL is a fgt and needs to GTFO.
by John_Winthrop January 27, 2007
Laughing Quite Loudly. Occasionally used in in place of LOL by the 31337 Internet users. Also a common mistake since Q looks like O. It should never be typed as lql, only LQL.
Internet User 1: Want to go get something to eat IRL?

Internet User 2: d00d I just had lunch!!

Internet User 1:LQL
by John_Winthrop June 20, 2007
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