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A term used to curse something when it doesn't go your way. For examply when playing a computer game, missing a bus or train, having traffic lights turn red as you approach.

The term originated in Alnwick, Northumberland (ENGLAND).

Commonly used by the folk of the Alnmouth Road Area.

"Hey, watch that light, it just turned red"
"Fuck Nuts"
by JohnWScott April 10, 2006
A term used when things don't really go your way. For example, when you're playing a computer game and you get shot JUST before you win, and then you realised you didn't save it.

Originated in Alnwick, Northumberland (ENGLAND)
"PISS FLAPS, I can't believe that bloody guard killed me again!"
by JohnWScott April 10, 2006

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