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If you're a particularly desperate individual, taking large amounts of Robitussin can make you higher than a kite, more tired than you've ever been, and unable to walk a straight line. Hallucination is rare, but visual impairment is common. Don't drive or operate machinery.
The man started robitrippin and thought he could fly.
by JohnRyder May 24, 2007
A salad with breaded chicken strips. If you can get past the fact you're eating deep fried chicken on your salad, you're most likely putting a mountain of ranch dressing on it to make it equally unhealthy. The perfect million calorie salad.

Commonly served at Chick-fil-A and many other fine restaurants.
I'm trying to lose weight so I only eat strip salads with extra ranch dressing.
by JohnRyder May 24, 2007
1. To open anything that is wrapped or concealed.

2. To undress your partner
I love to unwrap my girl.
by JohnRyder May 24, 2007
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