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1. Kernels or any part of a corn plant that has been placed in a vagina.

2. A derogatory word used to insult someone who has oral sex more than what is considered healthy.

3. cherry pie
1. Why the hell is there even such thing as vagcorn?

2.Shuttup! vagcorn!
3. I want to pop that vagcorn.
by JohnRboifosho December 12, 2008
1. n. a booty that contains the qualities defined by stank

2. n. a butt of a person whose skin is brown or dark brown.

3. Black Ass

4. adj. Something disgusting; skanky, filthy, or rank

1. That was one nasty stankbooty!

2. I prefer Caucasian booty over stankbooty.

3. Eww! stankbooty!

4. That was one stankbooty sandwich!
by JohnRboifosho December 12, 2008
a contraction for: "We Owned the Other Team"

Mostly used in fps Games
Bob: We kicked their asses!
Jim: w00t! we uber pwned teh nubz!
by JohnRboifosho December 12, 2008
1.n Any place where you are expecting to have fun and you don't actually have any fun but then when it is over you for some strange reason recall it as being fun.
2.v. To sit in one place and shoot people
3.v. A word conveniently used by your parents when you go to jail.
1. I went to camp this summer and it was so boring...but anywayz it was so awesome I want to go next year!
2. Bob: how did you get so many kills?
Jim: oh well i just camped behind the hotdog stand and no one saw it coming.
3. Teresa: where has jimmy been lately?
Jimmy's mom: uhhh....at Camp...umm Camp Dolottastuf.
by JohnRboiFosho January 28, 2009

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