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A whimsical term for a guy who kind of acts like an alpha male, but still comes up short.
What's up Penis boy? Are you tearing into those business reports, or what?
by JohnK May 19, 2005
Exclamation of extreme aggravation.
Jesus h christ on a popsicle stick--why won't this damn engine turn over!!!
by JohnK May 19, 2005
A crazed anal-sex afficionado.
I wouldn't turn my back to that fudge fiend.
by JohnK May 19, 2005
1. Something which sucks in a spectacular way. 2. Way overblown and ultra-cheesy ideas, often seen in marketing and advertising concepts.
The ass monkeys in the marketing department just blew two million dollars on an ad campaign so suck-tacular that you really just have to see it to believe it. I promise you that you will shit in your pants!
by JohnK May 19, 2005
A mythical board that is supposedly designed for use when one goes to mung. (It's great for absurd substitutions in just about any Beach boys songs about surf boards.)
Wax up the mung board and let's drive to the cemetary.
by JohnK May 19, 2005
An idiot who often barges into a social situation and unintentionally, yet loudly, makes an ass of himself on a frequent basis. Often a dinkster is so socially inept that they are trouble to be around.
(Variation of a dink, with more of a clueless conotation.)
The dinksters took a harmless, silly prank way to seriously and they called the cops on me. How dink is that!!
by JohnK May 19, 2005
An unfortunate nickname for a scrawny guy who doubles over and shudders uncontrollably when he laughs.
Robert, a.k.a. the love muscle, gets all red and begins to shudder like he is 'gasm-ing whenever I tell him that joke.
by JohnK May 19, 2005

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