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The worst league/code ever invented. It requires no skill at all because all you have to do is run towards a line while being homosexually hugged by other non heterosexuals who try to sniff you're ass when they drag you to the ground.

People who play thugby league or support it are from the 2 most bogan states in Australia, Queerland and Gay South Wales. They will try to tell you that their league is the only sport in Australia and will continually say that other sporting codes like AFL are gay and will try to eat you if you say otherwise. One of their complaints is that AFL shorts are porno when obviously NRL shorts are the same size you inbred neanderthal idiots. Teams in the NRL include North Queerland Brokeback Mountain Cowboy Fuckwits, Canberra Ass-Raiders, The Sydney Chickens, the Brisbane My Little Ponies and St George Illawarra Drag-Queens.
Dumb Neanderthal Idiot: Uhh derppp did youth watchz the

Chickens takez on da doggies?!?

Normal Person: Wtf are you talking about you inbred spastic?

Dumb Neanderthal Idiot: NRL! Thez Chickenz won byz 10 points!

Normal Person: I watch normal football you retard go finger some asses.

Dumb Neandethal Idiot: Ok derppy derp
by JohnHopoate January 07, 2012

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