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Verb: A term describing an incredibly drunk state in which one person thinks he or she is pissing in an alleyway, but is really pissing in the middle of their hallway.
Nate: Hey man, are you pissing in the middle of the hallway?

Eric: No....maybe.

Nate: Dude, you're alleyway pissing! Badoosh!
by JohnHinkleH! February 27, 2010
Noun. A term to decribe an huge burp, so insanely intense, that it makes the person shake their face back and forth rapidly while burping.

John: Holy shit are you okay dude?

Luke: Oh yeah, that was just a face shaker.
by JohnHinkleH! March 19, 2010
A phrase used in response to a question asked that is completely normal or calm to confuse the person asking the question.
Luke: "Did you check the mail today?"

Mark: "ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?!?!?!?"
by JohnHinkleH! October 15, 2011
Noun. A term used to describe a nasty smell, similar to the smell of period blood.
Allison: What the hell is that smell?

Jordan: It smells like period blood.

John: That's Coco Stank!
by JohnHinkleH! June 22, 2010
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