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Often said by racist white South African males towards black South African Males.

Often considered to be one of the most offensive of insults.

Think of it as a more offensive word than calling someone a Nigger.
You fucking caffer.

I will kill that fucking caffer if he puts his black hands on my fucking sister again.
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
One who takes cock up their ass at the discresion of the giving man.
Bend over you anal bitch, I want sex.

Your such an anal bitch, you take it like a hungry slut.
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
An anal slut.

When you so-want anal sex.

When you are craving cock in your ass.
"I am getting desperate. I want cock up my arse, I am an anal bitch. Give it to me. I want to feel your warm cock up my ass and cum in it. I want to feel your hot cum dripping deep up my asshole. Then in my mouth. Oh please."
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
An Acrylic Iqon is a group of homosexuals who are specifically attracted to straight men.
The straight men attacked and killed those Acrylic Iqon bastards as they tried to kiss them.
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
Another word for "Holy shit" but often said more randomly.
"Holly Fuckers, What the fuck is that in that bush?"

"Holly fuckers!"

"Holly cunt fuckers, whats this in my bag?"
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
Acrylic Iqon is often refered to someone who is a wanabe. Meaning they're trying to be something they're not.
He's such an Acrylic Iqon!!
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006
A person who will have sex with anyone, just to have sex. She may not even like the person or think they are attractive but it is all about having sex. Even outside!
"Man, I want sex tonight"
"Go take Lauren round the back, shes a slut, she'll give it to ya!"
by JohnCarr September 09, 2006

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