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SKOAL-COPENHAGEN smokeless tobaco. The big dip in all junior hockey players mouths across north america. theres nothing better than putting in a big dip after a hard game, or before getting with some dirty puck bunnies
Yo Dave, can i bum a dip off ya, only a lipper man this is the new Skoal Vanilla Chew.
by JOhn Trask December 05, 2003
They Grow in cow Manure, they pick em up, wipe 'em off and we put them right and our mouths and chew them. Then you start to see things that arent there, and sometimes even go on adventures without even moving!
Yo man I ate a quarter of Mushrooms last night, i saw some fucken wild shit! It's too bad they tast like shit:(.........Make Tea ;)!
by John trask June 16, 2003

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