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1. The act of moving snake like, or waving ones arms while moving from one location to another. Commonly used as a verb. to scuttle like Zoidberg

2. The 3rd choice in a "Yes/No" Question
1. I'mma sliggety-jiggety on out of here!

2. Are you diabetic? Yes, No or Sliggety-Jiggety
by John teh Fisherman November 28, 2009
Verb: when an individual blatantly steals from the person. You sit while you get stolen right out of your hands!

The perpetrator typically yells "jimmy jank!" and then may proceed to use the stolen item. This may include eating twizzlers, riding away on your bike or drinking your purple drink

(Also an interjection)
ex. 1: Josh was eating a pack of Golden Oreos when Fitho jimmy janked the last one!

ex. 2: Kanye jimmy janked the spotlight from Taylor Swift on teh TV that one time. (See imma let you finish)
by John teh Fisherman November 29, 2009

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