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The most elite military units in the military. They have the hardest training and are the deadliest warriors we have. The seals are only almost equaled by the marines.
the S.E.A.L. 's go through the most intense training in the military
by John lobash March 02, 2006
slightly to the left or up and too the left
man the bitch shot at me and it hit a wall that was sleft or
the bullet sleft by me
by John lobash December 07, 2005
used to annoy someone after you say something to them and they say What?? useually said right as they finish what and is said fast
Me:go get your car
me(as she finishes):ish?
by John lobash December 07, 2005
Me i dont care if you dont like it
I am god so deal with it
by John Lobash November 11, 2005

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