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7 definitions by John brown

abbreviation for North East Portland(oregon)
I'm from the N-e-p
by John brown December 05, 2003
190 87
Bahamian slang for man or bey
mudda sick dread you see dat girl
by John Brown April 14, 2004
94 47
Bahamian word meaning AW damn.
Muddo i cant believe i aint gon to that party. Alos seen as Mudda Sick. (does not mean your mother is sick)
by John Brown April 14, 2004
51 12
Slang for Portland,Oregon the fastest growing city on the great west coast. The weed capital of the USA.
I'm frorm the pdx,home of the stickey cesed.
by John brown December 05, 2003
90 77
the 2nd most alcoholic st andrews student
hey, hows ruaridh?
oh, he's really wasted, but not as bad as fiona
by john brown August 03, 2004
48 41
see muddo
see muddo for definition
by John Brown April 14, 2004
7 1
A common person talked about by most bahamians usually used in a witty comment or a dis when asked a question that they dont need to know about.
person 1: Ay bey who dat was on da phone?
Person 2: Dat was nunya....
Person 1: Nunya who...?
Person 2: Nunya Business
by John Brown April 18, 2005
15 49