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A state of oral being in which the aroma of the mouth is equal to that of a penis. Usually accompanied by excessive oral insertion of the penis.
After going down on her boyfriend for 3 hours without pause, julie has a bad case of penis breath.
by John X April 24, 2003
an act in which a person skillfully takes a bowel movement into their own mouth such that the feces exits the anal cavity and enters directly into the mouth without contacting any other objects. The re-introduction of excrement into a persons digestive system.
Stephanie applied superior concentration and dexterity as she executed an immaculate reunion.
by John X April 24, 2003
Any hole or cavity in which penal penetration of promotes sexual stimulation and has a thin mucus-like coating sorrounding it, usually consisting of male semen or vaginal secretion but not limited to.
Jimmy slid his penis in and out of Nikki's frosted fuckhole.
by John X April 24, 2003

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