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Shirt Girl(s) are females who enjoy sticking there tongues up each others tight assholes.
"Hey Jen, do you want to be a good shit girl and stick your tongue up my ass?"
by John Woo Tang April 09, 2007
Ass Sass is when a female gets on all fours and presents her ass in a sassy and sexual way.
Ass Sass "She slowly bent over exposing her ass, perked it up while biting her bottom lip and moaned sexually"
by John Woo Tang April 09, 2007
Wet Poon Spoon is when someone spoons there tongue and sticks it in a willing poon hole.
"Hey baby, do you want me to wet poon spoon your snatch?"
by John Woo Tang April 09, 2007
Tickle Pus is when someone is tickled so hard that pus burst out of hidden infections through out there body.
"Holy fuck! I just tickled Little Jimmy and all this pus poured out of his nose!" Tickle Pus
by John Woo Tang April 09, 2007
Annie Ass is used to describe a female who will not engage in anal sex with her partner.
"Dude, my girlfriend is being a total annie ass... she wont even try it!"
by John Woo Tang April 09, 2007

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