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1. All Terrain Vehicle

Usually refers to a four wheeled vehicle.
Used for utility , recreation , racing etc.

Recently the sport has taken off getting new recognition and spotlight. There are many different types of recreation riding and racing.
Desert Racing - A test of Endurance, Speed , and Time.
Dune Riding - Riding Large mountains of usually smooth sand, plenty of jumps and whoops , thousands flocks to popular dunes such as Dumont , Glamis , St. Anthonys and a good time is had by all.
Woods racing - Rough and rugged tracks through the woods of the east coast usually.
Stadium Races - Stadium style races such as the dirtbike counter parts.
The other possibilities are endless!

2 . Something Dirt Bikers like to bash because
A. They are Insecure and possibly jealous because the dirtbiking scene has gone completely main stream and turned to garbage.

B. They are closed minded and usually ignorant.
1. I can't wait til New Years Eve, I am heading out to Dumont, to ride some sand , and head back to camp and Enjoy the 3 B's.
Beer Bud and Babes!

2. " Fuck quads (ATV) , they just tear up Our tracks. Come on guys lets go buy some more Metal Mulisha stickers. "
by John Wilx Booth December 18, 2006

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