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A dober is the Glaswegian word for penis, normally used to insult someone. The word really got popular when a popular Scottish sketch show named 'Chewin' the Fat' used the word almost every week.
"Here you, your a dober!"
by John Wilson March 14, 2004
The act of blowing huge amounts of gas out of ones ass. Excessive flatulating
This guy is Major Blow ass!
by John Wilson May 26, 2004
To be fondled in the genital area by a really creepy person
Three boys were bobduncaned in the school yard.
by john wilson November 21, 2003
An "organinsation" revolving arounf illegal ways of making money such as "blackmail", "Violence" and "rackateering"
the mafia destroyes my bussiness
by john wilson October 28, 2003
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