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a supporter of Southampton F.C. however they aren't actually human. They are victims to generations of inbreeding which has lead to severe physical and mental disfigurement.

they are most commonly known for supporting the shittest team ever to play in the English football league and living in a grotty little city on the south coast the government have recently given the go-head to use it as a nuclear testing site

recent history proves that portsmouth are the better team having beaten the 4-1 in their last encounter in 2006. no more encounters have occured between these clubs following the scummers RELEGATION at the end of the 2005/06 season

they despise the people of Portsmouth because of their higher status in the English football league which, as a result, leads to them getting their heads kicked in by the Portsmouth's 657 crew.

the head scummer (chosen because he is the best looking one of them) Matt le Tissier is a self proclaimed gay and spends most of his time either on sky sports or at his favourite brighton nightclub

it is advisable to stay away from these people unless a fully trained 657 member and planning to hospitalise one of them
i just gave birth to a scummer - popular phrase upon performing a "number 2"

that scummer cunt is going to need a disabled seat at St. mary's by the time i've finished with him

i hope you like the taste of brick you scummer cunt!
by John Westwood mk 2 March 18, 2008
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