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A person who displays their nude body on the Internet for the purpose of causing sexual arousal.
You don't wanna be a takin that girl over to see your mom or dad 'casue she's an Internet cowgirl.

I heared that girl's body is so fine she should be an Internet cowgirl.

Better watch out for that guy over there or he will turn you into an Internet cowgirl!
by John Welch May 12, 2006
A person who looks at naked women on the Internet instead of takin out a real girl.
(After boss sees nude picture on his employees computer.) My boss thinks I'm an Internet cowboy but his secretary's got news for him.

Even if your brother was a Internet cowboy he should have asked my cousin out by now.

I can tell ya right know she ain't lookin for no Internet cowboy.

My daughter says your teenager ain't nothin but an Internet cowboy.
by John Welch April 23, 2006
A dictionary that began as a wiki but ended up being composed by Head Cop (Thought Police) sysops instead.
No words from wiki left when it was converted to a sysoptionary.
by John Welch April 23, 2006
A sysop (system operator) who sets up a free lady's underwear sample page on his server to troll or phish for lady's phone numbers and addresses.
Better watch out for that troll tryin to get in your panties.
by John Welch April 23, 2006
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