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The Act of Shitting in someones mouth and them eating it, while they are taking a shit as well.
Mary " Im feeling frisky tonight"

Matt "Hmm you wanna go to the Bathroom"

Mary "What for?"

Matt " So I can make a Sewage Pipe Line, Babe"
by John W Booth April 12, 2010
A Gay Dentist
"My tooth fairy drills too hard"
by John W Booth April 08, 2010
The act of getting shot in the back of the head with a pistol, during online Gaming.
"Oh dammit, that newb snuk up behind me and lincoln'd me while i was watching them play"
by John W Booth April 08, 2010
Some one who becomes fat do to large amounts of time being on the internet.
Ryan: "Hey, Did you hear about Nathan Burris?"

Chad: "Yeah i heard he became an Interlard"

Ryan: "That poor Bastard"
by John W Booth April 08, 2010

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