5 definitions by John Von Duchenheimer

The experience of sweaty balls as you swing them into your asshole, and then squeeze your ass together to crush the testicles.
Johnny blew out his left nut during a drooping chinchilla.
by John Von Duchenheimer August 18, 2006
(v.) An action in which you hold the knob of your penis, while rubbing whipped cream onto your balls behind your legs, another variation has you rubbing whipped cream into your anus.
It takes some skill to properly perform the Dagmekem as it requires you to reach behind your back and between your legs.
by John Von Duchenheimer December 07, 2006
1. The art of fucking one's own mother while getting nailed up the ass by your father's grandpa usually the prospecting duckling is being performed.
"Kyle is one sick dude, doing a Mologolongathingbo at his mom's wedding"
"Yea I know what a douche"
by John Von Duchenheimer November 28, 2006
Verb. (Kah-Gah-Bauc)

1. The sensation in your balls after you drain your balls from masturbation.
2. Fuck-Ass.
1. "My Cahgabok was mad last night after watching my girlfriend shower"
2. "What a freaking Cahgabok"
by John Von Duchenheimer August 19, 2006
A sexual move requiring a duckling and two people, one with the duck on his dick and one with bread in his/her asshole. The Duckling then has to eat the bread out of the asshole, while it is at least three inches in the crevasse.
"Johnny please give me a prospecting duckling... i want to be eaten out by a duck!" said Sherry
by John Von Duchenheimer August 18, 2006

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