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Taking a large dump on the chest of another during some type of sex act. Usually, performed as a ritual to celebrate the miracles of poop.
"Danny dont give me a stanley steamer tonight I want to be able to go out without having to take a shower. Plus, its not Poopmas!" - Jane W.
by John Trian July 27, 2006
A dump so large the whole earth shakes and rattles due to the cataclismic size of the shit left. Usually occurs due to the ingestion of too much Taco Bell. Often performed by celebrities such as R. Kelly or David Hasselhoff.
"Jake, take cover I think we're getting bombed!"-John
"No, John I just took an atomic dump!"-Jake
by John Trian July 27, 2006
When the camel toe is so large that it has its own camel toe. Usually occuring on very large, fat and veloptuous women.
"Hey I can see your camel toe's toe"
"What? Im not that fat!"
by John Trian July 27, 2006

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