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A rear wheel drive hatchback, known for it's sometimes cantankerous and shoddy attitude. Built by Genral Motors, it has bretheren around the world in various forms built on the "t-body" chassis.

Built in north america from 1976-1987 under the chevrolet and pontiac names.
"No AC, and no FM, and no regrets, in my chevette!"
"I'd race you, but I know I'd lose in my chevette."
"I drove here in my 'vette, you know the one with the air conditioning on the floorboards."
by John Tremp May 01, 2004
To add or give bacon or bacon like properties to a object or substance.
"Enbaconate that sausage boy!"
"I would like a enbaconated Sausage McMuffin please."
"Now make with the enbaconation!"
by John Tremp May 01, 2004
A chrysler/dodge automobile designed by Lee Iacoca, rejected by ford. Commonly known to people who like them as EEKs or "Every Extended Ks."

It began with the omni and horizon and moved onto the aries, 600, new yourker, le-baron and many more, minivans included. the design still lives on with the caravan, voyager, neon and SX2.0
"K-car, the vehicle that does not live up to the second sylable of it's own name." --Jeff Warnica

"Omni, what a ironic name for such a useless k-car."
by John Tremp May 01, 2004
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