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An expression used to reveal great surprise and that can be used in place of dang because it adds flavor and spunk. Make sure to hold out the dang part longer than the son so that it creates the perfect mix of dang and son. However, just because this is said, does not mean that the person is actually your son, but rather a friend that seems sonnish.
1. Dang son! There's some crazy shiznit going down in this hood, ya mean?
2. John: I just killed a llama with my candy cane!
by John Tom Lom September 30, 2007
An abbreviated way to say yes with enthusiasm, this exclamation is the next level up from fo sho.
M: Did you get your longboard yet?
B: FOSHO YEAH! It just arrived yesterday. It's so sweet dude.
by John Tom Lom January 25, 2009
1. Word used to describe a "smack" noise.
2. A word used to exclaim loudly when in suprise or in awe.
3. A verb to use in replacement of smack.
1. Did you hear that loud kerschmack at the mall?
2. Kerschmack!!!!! That is so amazing!!!
3. If you don't do your homework I'm gonna kershmack you upside the head.
by John Tom Lom February 05, 2006
1. A word used to exclaim in joy or suprise.
2. A word to describe small objects of affection.
1. Shmokie! that was a heart stopping story!
2. Aww... ur such a little shmokie.
by John Tom Lom November 28, 2005
n. Playing off of the awkward turtle jokes, the awkward balloon is when you use your hands to blow up and tie an imaginary balloon. Then you walk backwards randomly thus creating the name "awkward balloon."
Example 1:
John: Hey Jordan, where do you want to hang out tonight?
Jordan: Let's go to the pants store.
Jimmy: Hey guys, where are you leet haxors going tonight?
*John peforms Awkward Balloon*
by John Tom Lom September 30, 2007

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