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The Over The Pants Hand Job "OTPHJ," was originally coined by a young industrious man in northern Calgary, Canada. Whilst working on a road crew the individual noodled a challenge to engage a member of the opposite sex in an OTPHJ past ejaculation; a bounty was levied and a legend was spawn.

Legend has it that November 2009, an extended member of the exclusive open membership club engaged and was ultimately successful in dethroning the virgin OTPHJ while on a dance floor in New York City's infamous Meat Packing District.
Dude, that girl is dripping a snail trail from Alaska, hit the bid and take her home.

Friend: No. I am gunning for an OTPHJ; everything else is elementary.
#hand job #hj #handy #dry hump #bar make out #bomopopo
by John Tods February 04, 2010
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