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kickass music comin ou tof the late 60's punky reggea party which begot Two-Tone which then turned into ska when some Rudeboy was like "... yo lets put some horns to that two tone beat." it is the best music in the world, combining the best traits of Reggae, Swing and Punk. the many different varieties of ska include Two-Tone (first-wave/ traditional) ska/punk, and 3rd wave. Ska has brought to light and coind such phrases as "hep, hep, hep" and "pick it up!" (these two phrases oftern adjoin one another in usage at ska shows.
so i was walkin down the street and i see these hepcats n' kittens all dressed up to jive and i says "where you goin?" and they says to me "hey, hey rudie, we're goin on down to the ska show." so we go and the joint is bustin out and all the Rudeboys and Rudegirls were like "hep, hep, hep, PICK IT UP!" And all the Rudeboys, hepcats n' kittens were skankin' to that two-tone beat. SKA IS NOT DEAD!!!
by John The Mad Hatter Marden February 01, 2005
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