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A party or gathering at which a large group of elderly people will get up and shuffle around under the guise of dancing.
"It was my gran's 80th birthday party last night. It was a fucking Zombie Apocalypse."
by John The Happy Black Man August 13, 2005
After being caught masturbating, 'zero time' is the fraction of a second during which a person may simultaniously wipe themselves off, pull up and fasten their pants, reach for the TV remote and change the channel. Usually they end up holding their dick staring at their mother (who pretends not to notice, natch) whilst some hiseously graphics 'erotic' video plays at full volume in the background. As time always seems to just stop at the moment said parent's eyes meet aforementioned masturbator's, this period of time can also be 'zero time'.
"Well, my mum caught me slap-boxing the one-eyed champ last night, and during the zero time, I let out a huge fart."
by John The Happy Black Man October 13, 2005
like a cock up but much much bigger
"So you set fire to your entire bedroom by trying to flick a lit cigarette into your girlfriends mouth?"
"Yeah. I've got to admit it, I flamingoed up a bit."
by John the happy black man April 16, 2005
1. An adult to acts like a child, for example, phoning their parents when being mocke by someone, crying when things don't go her way, sulking when not the center of attention.

2. Larger, scarier family of aforementioned wimp, who WILL break your legs.

3. Younger, infinitly cooler cousin of afforementioned wimp, who has hot friends.
1. "She got her dad to phone in and complain again. Fucking bligh"

2. "Call an ambulance, those blighs got me good"

3. hell, I don't know
by John the happy black man April 16, 2005
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