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A stick man as a skater kid.
Wow,I don't know why in the hell i put this 0->--<]: on here but I did anyway! lol
by John T February 03, 2005
1.Alternate current/Direct Current(not Acca/Dacca!)lol
2.Something to do with electricity
AC/DC(the band),eletric equipment
by John T February 01, 2005
A taco with shit in it instead of ground beef or chicken in the middle.
OMFG! A shit taco! or Ahh yes,let me have one of them shit tacos with shit slopped all over it.
by John T February 02, 2005
Little pieces of shit shaped like nuggets from your asshole!
Damn dude! I gotta leave a butt nugget in the shitter! or It smells like butt nuggets on the school bus!
by John T February 02, 2005
1.to spill from a container
2.to splash or spill liquid on
3.to dish out messily
4.to become spilled or splashed
As I said with the word Shit Taco,I want shit slopped all over it.
by John T February 02, 2005
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