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13 definitions by John Superman

The act of pointing one's penis towards the toilet bowl whilst standing. Usually accompanied by urination.
"Jeff, your dinner's ready!"

"Give me a minute! I'm just pointing percy at the porcelain!"
by John Superman December 06, 2013
The failure to come up with a believable fake name due to time constraints or panicked thinking.
Policeman at car window: "Sir, this car was just seen at a popular doggingspot. I'll need your name, please."

David Armstrong: my name is John... Super... Man...

Policeman: That goddamn failias crap ain't gonna work on me, boy! Get the hell out here!
by John Superman November 28, 2013
The act of standing at a public urinal with urinal shock & pretending to pee. This is done in order to avoid you looking weird to guys in the urinals next to you. Usually finished off with a fake snake shake & a loud, satisfied "ahhh".
"There was a queue! I couldn't just stand there waiting for the piss to come. I had to do some urinal miming & get the hell out."
by John Superman December 06, 2013
The act of failing to urinate when stood at a urinal in a busy men's public toilet, despite really needing to. This is often followed by urinal miming
"I stood in the queue for 5 minutes, then got urinal panic when it was my turn to go. I just stood there pointing percy at the porcelain & nothing happened. In the end I had to do some urinal miming."
by John Superman December 06, 2013
Someone who believes they are famous due to having high numbers of Instagram followers.
Jared: "Yeah, so my last photo got over 60,000 likes. Jayzombie & I are, like, totally best friends. People just seem to totally appreciate my Art. It just speaks to them, i guess..."

Customer: "Just give me my damn latte, you pathetic instalebrity."
by John Superman November 28, 2013
A celebratory holiday in the USA that no one else outside the USA quite understands.
British Person: "So Thanksgiving is basically just another Christmas? Do you get presents?"

Irish Person: "What sort of holiday takes place on a Thursday?"

Australian person: What? You eat marshmallows at the same time as turkey?

Chinese person: Is this gigantic Snoopy balloon some sort of Thanksgiving spirit animal?
by John Superman November 28, 2013