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2 definitions by John Smith233

A person who is so pretty and is really funny!
Person 1: 'I met a girl today and she was funny and pretty at the same time!!

Person 2: 'So shes an Attie?'

Person 1: 'Yeahh i guess she is!'

Person 2: 'dude ur so lucky!'
by John Smith233 October 08, 2011
A wacky conductor with epic facial expressions. Has an amazing girl range, can go higher then sopranos and lower than the base. He makes everyone lol and is so embarrassing. He has worse floppy hair than Hugh Gant.
Person A: 'OMG!!!! He has a very high voice'
Person L: 'Does he have floppy hair?'
Person A: 'Yhh he makes everyone lol so bad'
Person L: 'Hes a David Bates'
by John Smith233 October 09, 2011