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1.To be sure of oneself even when wrong. To use others as if they were nothing but pawns, and to think one is of godly stature. 2.A wicked tasty burrito.

George Bush sure is gornaytoe these days.

I sure love your Mom's Gornaytoe, but it sure makes me shit....just like joe
by John Smith April 07, 2005
Something Glen always says, but we never understand.
Oh - jeesh! This is like driving in greasy peanut butter!
by John Smith January 15, 2004
habitat-cities, towns or villages. 'Note, when a townie lives in a village they spend most of their time in the nearest town, in parks and pubs.
A townie will wait with multiple other townie friends, sitting on a wall, waiting to 'hammer' non-townies who are enemies of the townies. Thus resulting in a townie being beaten in the fight by the stonger and more intelligent non-townie
by John Smith May 14, 2003
The coolest person in teh world. An admin of PMGS and is better than teh
OMG liek TTH PWNS J00!
by John Smith July 30, 2004
Tomahawk is a U.S. made cruise missile with lots of range. It can be fired from either sea , land or air.
The U.S. Navy used Tomahawk against Iraq.
by John Smith February 14, 2004
When you start to fuck a chick but then realize that her vagina is dirty, you go into the bathroom; smeer toothpaste/cleaning products on your penis and continue with the process of intercourse
John: God dammit dude i had to give Pocahontas a minty vagina last night!!...GOD DAMN WAS SHE DIRTY!!!
Charles: HA! that fucking sucks for you, you fucking queer...I gave lindsay a hot carl last night! u fucking loser
by John Smith February 26, 2005
A nickname of Keith Graham, often used for purposes of torment as well as just to put him in an overall sour mood. In certain situations the name queef can be a useful tool for smacking that goofy grin off of his face.
Queef stop being such a straight up geek!
by John Smith July 11, 2004
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